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There are four ways to help pay for your year in Israel:

Scholarships via Joint Israel Programs/FAFSA

Yeshiva UniversityTouro University and Hebrew Theological College all have Joint Israel Programs. As such students are able to use their year in Israel as a freshman year at any of these institutions and are eligible for the same financial aid (grants and/or loans) from the State and Federal government as any other university student.

To apply for a Joint Program and for the aid option, students must

  1. Apply and be accepted to a recognized program in Israel (Each college has their own list of recognized Israel programs).
  2. Apply and be accepted to the college with a joint program.
  3. Apply to the joint program
  4. Concurrently, parents must file the necessary FAFSA documents (these document normally require a tax return to have also been filed)

In addition, students enrolled in these joint programs will receive college credit that will can be used at the university (and if a student chooses to attend a different university, may be used for credit). Please visit the university websites to obtain more details about these programs, including costs and any other requirements.

Scholarships specifically for Israel study

A number of instutions and organizations offer scholarships for a year study in Israel. The ICJA website maintains an up-to-date list of these opportunities. At present, the following are the scholarships to consider:

Jewish United Fund, High School Financial Need-Based – Israel Experience High School Scholarship Program.

Jewish United Fund, Merit Scholarship.
ATT Scholarships.
Adina Weiner Memorial Foundation – need-based scholarship for female students. Information is available in April. Please see Rabbi Fliegelman for details.
Joseph Masliansky Memorial Scholarship of ICJA
Chicago Rabbinical Council: the Rebbetzin Shoshana Schwartz, a”h, Torah Essay Contest. For information how to apply, click here.
NCSY – contact your advisor.
Jeff Seidel Airfare Scholarship


The Jewish Agency offers all students attending Zionist programs in Israel at least a $1,000 scholarship for the year study. (Additional amounts are available on a need-basis.) This scholarship can be applied for once a student is accepted to a program in Israel. For more information, see

Program based Scholarships

Some Israel programs offered their own scholarships – please check with the school you are applying to for more information.

For more information, contact your Israel program guidance counselor.

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